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RMT 2 day strike Tuesday 22 and Wednesday 23 November and 3 day strike Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8 December

Southern has been advised by the RMT Union that its conductor members will strike on the above dates. This will have a significant effect on Southern services on the whole of the days affected, with no service on some routes and only a limited service between approximately 06.30 and 22.00 on others. The lines with no service include: Clapham Junction to Milton Keynes via Kensington Olympia; Preston Park to Hove and Chichester to Portsmouth Harbour and Southampton Central (but there will be buses between Chichester and Havant). This year our guest speaker will be Alex Foulds, Southern’s Business Improvement Director. Mr Foulds will address us after the formal business of the AGM has been completed and there be ample time for you to ask questions on Southern’s recent problems and performance and their plans for the future, especially the 2018 timetable changes.

For these strike days, Southern is making good use of those conductor and other resources available to them and there will be trains into the late evening on most lines rather than ceasing at 18.30 as on previous strike days. So for the 5 strike days there will be an improved but still limited service between approximately 06.30 and 22.00 between Chichester and Victoria via Horsham, Gatwick and Redhill; Brighton to Bognor via Littlehampton; Horsham to Victoria via and Sutton and Brighton to Eastbourne via Lewes. Trains between Redhill to Tonbridge will run from 06.00 to 20.00. There will also be buses every 30 minutes between Chichester and Havant between 06.00 and 18.30.

Timetables of these services are at http://www.southernrailway.com/your-journey/strike/what-services-are-running/  on the Southern website. These trains are expected to be extremely busy especially in the peak hours and Southern cannot guarantee there will be space for you to travel. Southern strongly advise you to travel outside peak times where possible. Also, try to avoid planning to travel on the last trains of the day – if you are unable to board services they will not be able to arrange alternative transport. On all Southern and Gatwick Express trains first class accommodation will be declassified. Similarly first class on Thameslink will be declassified between Brighton and London. Normal peak hour ticket restrictions will remain in force.

The timetables are basically similar to those for previous strike days and show that there will be a train every 30 minutes along the Arun Valley from Victoria to Chichester calling at all stations and starting around 06.30 but with the last train from Victoria through to Chichester at 21.39 (Bognor’s last connection will be off the 21.09 from Victoria). In the opposite direction the last train from Chichester to Victoria will be at 21.23 (Bognor’s last connection will be at 20.50) followed by a 21.53 to Horsham.  Along the West Coastway there will be a train every 30 minutes between Brighton and Bognor via Littlehampton. This connects with the Chichester to Three Bridges trains at Barnham. There will be no direct trains between Littlehampton and Victoria via Hove, so a change of train at Brighton will be necessary for those travelling from stations between Littlehampton and Hove. I have tried to simplify the Arun Valley timetable with its onward connections into the table on the next page and I hope you will find it helpful. But remember to keep your eye on the website in case there are last minute changes.

Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting took place on 29 October in Horsham. The formal business of the Chairman’s report, approval of accounts and approval of the revised Constitution was followed by the election of the following officers and Committee members: Roger Keyworth as Chairman and Trevor Tupper as Secretary/Treasurer. Committee – Valerie Webb, Michael Gill, James Marchant, Antony Fletcher and Kevin Gordon.  This is a slightly smaller Committee than in previous years but all major stations are represented.

The formal business was followed by an address from Alex Foulds, Southern’s Business Improvement Director. Mr Foulds brought us up to date on the current industrial action and plans for the future largely around the new timetable for May 2018 on which we were urged to contribute to. He then answered the questions from members. A full report of the AGM will be posted on our website in due course. Arun Valley timetable for 11 to 13 October (and other strike days unless otherwise advised).

Membership Renewal

A few members have not yet paid their subscription and if you have not paid, a renewal form is enclosed. The subscription remains at £2 and can be paid by cheque through the post, by direct bank credit or by standing order, the renewal form gives details of all these options. A few did not pay their subscription for last year and rather than deleting them as members, we are asking them to pay for two years and for those members the payment slip shows £4.

May 2018 Timetable Consultation

Your Officers have attended a Forum on the GTR proposals a few weeks ago and we met some of the team last Thursday to discuss those changes affecting the Arun Valley and West Coastway lines. There will be further discussion on the detail in the spring, but we can tell you that there will be additional trains from Horsham to London Bridge in the peak, some of which will be Thameslink running through to Peterborough, and an extra and earlier London Bridge train from Bognor. On Sundays, the existing hourly services to Victoria from Bognor and Portsmouth will combine at Horsham and run in the same stopping pattern as weekday off-peak trains giving a faster service than currently. We will keep you up to date on developments.

Arun Valley timetable for 22 and 23 November and 6,7 and 8 December

Chichester       0653 0723   2023 2053 2123 2153
Bognor Regis b   0620 0650 0720   2020 2050    
Barnham     0631 0701 0731 and 2031 2101 2131 2201
Ford     0635 0705 0735 then 2035 2105 2135 2205
Arundel     0641 0711 0741 every 2041 2111 2141 2211
Amberley     0646 0716 0746   2046 2116 2146 2216
Pulborough     0652 0722 0752 30 2052 2122 2152 2222
Billingshurst     0658 0728 0758 minutes 2058 2128 2158 2228
C. Hospital     0705 0735 0805 until 2105 2135 2205 2235
Horsham   0641 0710 0740 0810   2110 2140 2210 2239
Littlehaven   0644 0713 0743 0813   2113 2143 2215  
Ifield   0651 0720 0750 0820   2120 2150 2220  
Crawley   0654 0723 0753 0823   2123 2153 2223  
Three Bridges Arrive 0701 0731 0801 0831   2131 2201 2231  
Three Bridges Depart 07t08 07t38 0808 0837   2138 2208 2238  
Gatwick Apt   07t12 07t43 0813 0841   2142 2212 2242  
Redhill   07t21 07t51 0821 0850   2151 2221 2251  
E Croydon   07t33 08t06 0834 0901   2202 2234 2307  
Clapham Junc   07t47 08t17 0845 0911   2213 2243 2319  
Victoria   07t55 08t24 0853 0918   2221 2255 2326  
London Bridge e 0802 0832 0908 0931   2303 2334    

Victoria     0637 0707 0739 0803 0840 0909   2109 2139
Clapham Junc     0646 0716 0745 0809 0847 0915   2115 2145
London Bridge e   0606 0652 0729 0802 0824 0852   2059 2127
E Croydon     0657 0727 0757 0819 0858 0927   2127 2157
Redhill     0710 0739 0809 0831 0910 0939   2139 2209
Gatwick Apt     0718 0747 0817 0839 0918 0947   2147 2217
Three Bridges Arrive   0722 0752 0822 0843 0923 0952 and 2152 2222
Three Bridges Depart   0726 0756 0826 0856 0926 0956 then 2156 2226
Crawley     0730 0800 0830 0900 0930 1000 every 2200 2230
Ifield     0732 0802 0832 0902 0932 1002   2202 2232
Littlehaven     0739 0809 0839 0909 0939 1009 30 2209 2239
Horsham   0713 0743 0813 0843 0912 0942 1013 minutes 2213 2243
C. Hospital   0717 0747 0817 0847 0916 0947 1017 until 2217 2247
Billingshurst   0723 0753 0823 0853 0922 0953 1023   2223 2253
Pulborough   0729 0759 0829 0859 0929 1000 1030   2230 2300
Amberley   0735 0805 0835 0905 0935 1006 1036   2236 2306
Arundel   0741 0811 0841 0911 0940 1011 1041   2241 2311
Ford   0747 0817 0847 0917 0945 1017 1047   2247 2317
Barnham   0852 0822 0852 0921 0949 1021 1051   2251 2321
Bognor Regis b 0802 0832 0902 0932 1001 1031 1101   2301  
Chichester   0800 0830 0900 0930 0958 1030 1100   2300 2330

b – change at Barnham; e – change at East Croydon; t – change at Three Bridges; g – change at Gatwick

The West Coastway timetable is an all stations service starting from Bognor at 0650, Barnham 0705, Littlehampton 0718, Worthing 0738 arriving Brighton 0806. The service is repeated every 30 minutes with the last train from Bognor at 2050 arriving Brighton 2206. In the opposite direction the first train is 0716 from Brighton arriving Bognor at 0831. The last one is 2146 from Brighton arriving Bognor at 2301. The replacement bus service between Chichester and Havant will leave Chichester at 0648, 0719, 0805, 08.40 and then every 30 minutes until 1910. From Havant at 0610, 0640,  and then every 30 minutes to 1740. The buses will have an approximate overall journey time of 35 minutes and will serve all stations with stops at Southbourne, Nutbourne and Fishbourne at the railway stops on the A259.

There is an hourly service (with some bus replacement) between Horsham and Victoria via Dorking calling at all stations. Trains leave Horsham at 0549, 0621 0653, 0720,0753, 0841 bus to Dorking, 1004 and hourly to 1404, 1441 bus to Dorking, 1604, 1707, 1734, 1741 bus to Dorking, 1904 and 2006.  From Victoria trains leave at 0552, 0617, 0706, 0819, 0931,1031, 1132, 1232, 1331 (bus from Dorking), 1431, 1531, 1617 (bus from Dorking), 1720, 1750, 1820, 1920 and 2326

Trevor Tupper
Membership Secretary


We now have a Facebook page at facebook.com/wsrua. Please “like” it if you want to keep in touch and contribute through that medium. 

Community Rail Partnership

WSRUA gave a brief presentation on our work and current activities at the Community Rail Partnership stakeholder event held on 1st November 2012 at Christ's Hospital School. A copy of the slide set is available to view here (PDF). We are continuing our close involvement with the CRP, of which our current secretary/treasurer is vice-chair.


Below is a Southern Press Notice about their Eyewitness initiative to deter and report low-level crime on the Arun Valley line.

Policing And Criminal Justice Minister Launches Southern’s Eyewitness Initiative

Policing and Criminal Justice Minister, Nick Herbert MP has launched Southern’s internal Eyewitness initiative to the public for the first time at Arundel railway station.

Mr Herbert joined Southern senior staff, Rail User Group and West Sussex Community Rail Partnership representatives to launch a trial of Southern’s award winning low-level crime reporting system to passengers who use Southern services between Arundel and Crawley.

Eyewitness is a scheme which allows the reporting of low-level crime by e-mail. The system has been used successfully as an in-house system where Southern staff have e-mailed members of Southern’s Safer Travel and Revenue Protection Teams to report incidences of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and fare evasion. The system allows Southern to respond quickly where officers are in the area, and to identify patterns, trends and hotspots which enables more intelligent deployment of Rail Neighbourhood Officers and Revenue Protection Officers when detailing patrols.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr Herbert said: "I was delighted to help launch the next phase of Southern's Eyewitness scheme which will provide passengers with an effective way to report antisocial behaviour on trains.

"This is further action by Southern who already fund Rail Neighbourhood Officers to help tackle crime and provide a reassuring uniformed presence on trains and at stations. The scheme doesn’t replace police officers, it adds to them, and I believe it's welcomed by the public.

"The minority who can make rail journeys miserable for everyone else need to be dealt with, and I am pleased that Southern is playing its part."

Southern’s Head of Revenue Protection and Security, Martin Grier said: “Eyewitness has been a tremendous success since we introduced it internally 18 months ago. Now we look forward to even better results now that we are asking our passengers to tell us about low-level crime that they have seen.”

In the last 12 months, reported crime on the Arun Valley has fallen overall by 71%. At Billingshurst station, incidences of crime reduced from 28 last year to zero this year.

Passengers witnessing crime between Arundel and Crawley stations can report what they’ve see, where they saw it, when they saw it and a brief description of the offender(s) by sending an e-mail to the dedicated address found on posters at leaflets at staffed stations between Arundel and Crawley.

Photograph from Eyewitness launch at Arundel station

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